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  • Support From Real Technicians

  • Customers can be comforted in knowing that all interactions with our staff will be direct contact with technicians who will listen to your computing issues and provide professionally based advice.

  • We provide U.S. Based professional computer information to customers rather than customers contacting a call center overseas with scripted responses from untrained operators.

  • Real Answers – No Sales Tactics

  • We strive to provide excellent customer service coupled with computer troubleshooting that addresses the issues at hand.

  • We do not try to up-sell products nor do we provide information irrelevant to the issues being addressed.

  • We are an above-board technical service provider invested in customer satisfaction without unnecessary sales tactics or misrepresentation of costs.

  • On Your Level

  • Our technicians work with customers to ensure an understanding of their technical issues without talking above their head on what needs to be done to provide them with working devices.

  • Customer understanding is key to ensuring that they are not being taken advantage of – We work to help you understand your computing issues.

  • Our technicians provide service without talking down to customers or overplaying our knowledge to mislead on cost.

  • Friendly and Professional

  • Our technicians have 30+  years of experience in computer repair services.

  • We want our customers to feel at ease when communicating with our technicians.

  • We believe in offering expert level technical skills while at the same time maintaining polite and friendly attitudes.

  • Customer Service Oriented

  • Above all else, our mission is to provide professional service and to maintain satisfied customers.

  • Our technicians will work with customers to provide an environment of trust, respect, and professionalism that far surpasses our competitors.

  • We want our customers to call us without fear of being treated poorly, without fear of being taken advantage of, and without fear of being mislead.

  • We want your business and we will do what it takes to ensure that you feel comfortable in utilizing our services.