Systems Solutions

• Server Administration
Servers are an important component in today’s network. Whether they are simple File Servers, host network services like DHCP/DNS/WINS/RRAS, or are mission critical machines like Application/Web/Directory Service providers, most organizations and business rely on their servers to get the job done.

We can assist in the planning, configuration, administration, and maintenance of your server systems. We continually monitor performance and utilization data in order to make those small adjustments to keep your servers at peak performance and perform preventative maintenance to help assure downtime is minimal in the event a problem arises.

• Workstation Administration
Your organizations interface into its network infrastructure is the workstation - where the day to day tasks are performed. When they don’t work properly users find it difficult to be productive and that means a loss of money.

By administering your workstations we can help prevent virus and spyware infestations, misuse of network resources - like the Internet. We can also utilize your server infrastructure to help manage system-wide security policies, deployment of application updates, and device/software installation and configurations.

• Administrated Backup
Let’s face it, disasters happen. And many organizations are not prepared when they do. Disasters like hard-drive failures or a building fire can paralyze a business if proper measures are not taken.

We can help create fault tolerant and redundant backup systems for your organization utilizing many different methods, both single and multi tier. Technologies such as RAID, NAS, SAN, and Internet Storage can help your organization be assured that its data is safe.


• Network QoS
Network systems are an important part of empowering your organization or business. Keeping that your data communications flowing efficiently are an important part of the overall stability of your network.

By using priority services in network devices, throttling bandwidth usages for Internet communications, and monitoring the communication backbone of your business we can help maximize the Quality of Service in your network and help you get the most out of your network’s bandwidth.

• Security Administration
In an age whether data theft and identity fraud are rampant, it is as important as ever to be sure that your organizations system is safe and secure from internal and external threats.

By utilizing system-wide security policies, revoking access to prevent the tampering and misuse of workstations, deploying system-wide antivirus and antispyware measures, administrating the incoming and outgoing data to the Internet, and continually reviewing security logs for your systems, we can help you be assured that your system’s integrity stays intact.

• VPN/Remote Administration
As the Information Age continues to progress and expand, businesses and organizations are beginning to realize the power of the Internet and a distributed workforce. No longer is it necessary for buildings to be leased or purchased to house your employees. Instead, your employees can be located from anywhere in the world, so long as they have an Internet connection. Management teams can work in the comfort of their own homes, while Sales teams can travel freely about, both having complete access to the information they need when they need it.

We can help develop remote access solutions for your organization, utilizing such technologies as VPNs and Terminal Services. We will configure and maintain your remote access systems so that whether it’s an on-the-move worker or a branch office, your workforce can get the job done.